Susan LittleDVM Diplomate, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners
Certified in Feline Practice

Dr. Susan Little received her BSc from Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia, Canada) and her DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. She has been in feline practice since 1990 and achieved board certification in Feline Practice in 1997. She is part owner of two feline specialty practices in Ottawa, Canada. She is a past president of the American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners and International Council for Veterinary Assessment board member. She is a peer reviewer for veterinary journals as well as the author of many journal articles. Dr. Little is the recipient of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Assoc. Small Animal Practitioner Award (2010), the NAVC Small Animal Speaker of the Year Award (2013), and the International Society of Feline Medicine/Hill's Pet Nutrition Award for outstanding contributions to feline medicine (2013). She is the editor and co-author of two textbooks: The Cat - Clinical Medicine and Management (2012) and August's Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine, Volume 7 (2015).

Sep 26
8:15-9:05/9:10-10:00 Why can I not eat this being a cat? GI foreign bodies in our feline patients(1)&(2)
10:40-11:30/11:35-12:25 To pee or not to pee? Urinary stones in cats(1)&(2)
15:50-16:40/16:45-17:35 Lumps and bumps, feline oncology cases(1)&(2
Sep 27
10:40-11:30/11:35-12:25 Making friends with cats: how to be more cat friendly in your practice (1)&(2)
Sep 28
8:15-9:05/9:10-10:00 How to handle feline oncology patients(1)&(2)
10:40-11:30/11:35-12:25 On a sugar high? Feline diabetes mellitus management (1)&(2)