Michael R. LappinDVM, PhD, DACVIM

Dr. Lappin graduated from Oklahoma State University and then completed an internship, internal medicine residency, and PhD program in Parasitology at the University of Georgia. Dr. Lappin is the Kenneth W. Smith Professor in Small Animal Clinical Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University, is the director of the "Center for Companion Animal Studies" and he helps direct the shelter medicine program. He is the Chair of the WSAVA One Health Committee. His principal areas of interest are prevention of infectious diseases, the upper respiratory disease complex, infectious causes of fever, infectious causes of diarrhea, and zoonoses. His research group has published over 300 primary papers or book chapters concerning small animal infectious diseases. Recent awards include the ACVIM Robert W. Kirk Award for Professional Excellence, the WSAVA Scientific Achievement Award, and the AVMA Clinical Research Award.

Sep 28
13:25-14:15 Laboratory diagnosis of infectious disease
14:20-15:10 Feline upper respiratory infectious disease
15:50-16:40 Respiratory infectious disease in dogs
16:45-17:35 Update of flea associated diseases in cats
Sep 29
13:25-14:15/14:20-15:10 Control of small animal zoonotic diseases: the One Health approach. What the practitioner can do to eliminate rabies and other animal associated infections. 1&2