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Poster session

The FASAVA 2019 Congress Poster Sessions will be displayed in the Main Bldg. Arcade Floor of the Hotel New Otani Tokyo, from 12pm Friday 27 September until 5pm Sunday 29 September.

Application for the Poster Sessions at FASAVA-TOKYO 2019 is now closed. Thank you very much for many submissions.

  1. 01Single-stage bilateral tibial tuberosity advancement with cranial fixation -case report-
    Zbigniew Adamiak

  2. 02Hyaluronic acid filler for treatment entropion due to eyelid deformity in feline: A case study
    Pornsom Chamnankit

  3. 03Clinical trial on targeted delivery of doxorubicin-loaded cockle shell-derived nanoparticles on dogs bearing solid tumour
    Abubakar Danmaigoro

  4. 04Evaluation of the effects of adipose derived-mesenchymal stem cells in combination with platelet rich plasma in regeneration of degenerated intervertebral disc of dogs
    Mohammad Mehdi Dehghan

  5. 05The screening and diagnostic value of posterior lung field angles on abnormal pulmonary function
    Zhimin Wu

  6. 06日本において用いられている犬・猫用の外部寄生虫駆除薬に関する薬剤疫学的検討
    Pharmacoepidemiological consideration of ectoparasitisides for dogs and domestic cats in Japan

    Toru Fukase

  7. 07東京都における動物取扱業の防災への取り組み
    Disaster prevention efforts among animal handling businesses in Tokyo metropolitan

    Takaaki Fukuyama

  8. 08In-vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of antibiotic ophthalmic preparations on canine corneal epithelial cells (CCECs)
    Tomoya Furujo

  9. 09Evaluation of a patient-specific bolus for radiation therapy created using a three-dimensional printer
    Sho Goto

  10. 10Radiographic evaluation of rabbit femur implanted with Bali cattle bone graft
    Putu Henrywaesa Sudipa

  11. 11Flash Glucose Monitoring Systemを用いた糖尿病の犬の1例とその正確性
    Use and accuracy of Flash Glucose Monitoring System in a diabetic dog

    Ryo Hasegawa

  12. 12Diagnosis of feline gastrointestinal small-cell lymphoma by gastrointestinal endoscopy: 36 cases
    Kotaro Hayashi

  13. 13The effectiveness of neem (Azadirachta indica) shampoo against dermatitis caused by brown dog tick (Riphicephalus sanguineus) and fungus (Microsporum gypseum) in dogs
    Novendra Imanuel Sitepu

  14. 14The use of superpulsed multiple wavelength (905, 860, 660 nm) laser to enhance chronic wound healing in dogs: Preliminary study
    Somphong Hoisang

  15. 15Diagnosis of esophageal fungal granuloma in a two-year-old dog
    Kasamaporn Hutachinda

  16. 16Therapeutic approach in treating feline corneal ulcer using eye serum
    Nur Ain Syahira Ishak

  17. 17Long-term effects of oral beraprost sodium treatment in cats with chronic kidney disease
    Takuo Ishida

  18. 18Survey of canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome in Japan
    Ayano Ishii

  19. 19型取りギプスによる犬の橈尺骨骨折の治療
    3D cast treatment for dogs with radio-ulnar fractures

    Shigeo Ishijima

  20. 20Use of electronic clinical records from the hospital information system at the small animal teaching hospital, Chulalongkorn University, to conduct syndromic surveillance in dogs and cats for potential foodborne disease
    Saharuetai Jeamsripong

  21. 21The study of serum symmetric dimethylarginine and glomerular filtration rate in non-clinically diagnosed kidney disease dogs
    Duangdaun Kaenkangploo

  22. 22Evaluation of radiation safety management system and exposure doses for radiation workers of animal hospitals in Korea
    Kyoung-Mook Kang

  23. 23モノクーナルガンモパチーと悪性挙動を伴う猫の皮膚形質細胞腫の1例
    Cutaneous plasma cell tumor with monoclonal gammopathy and aggressive behavior in a cat

    Hiroki Kato

  24. 24Spontaneous chronic corneal epithelial defects (SCCEDs) in two dogs treated with therapeutic bandage contact lenses (BCLs)
    Minae Kawasaki

  25. 25動物の疾患に対する原因帰属を評価する心理尺度の開発
    Development of a psychological scale for causal attribution about one's animal sickness

    Yuya Kimura

  26. 26Canine pulmonary arteriopathy and idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension
    Cameron Knight

  27. 27犬および猫の種別,体格における腎数値比較
    Comparison of kidney values between body weight and breeds of dogs and cats

    Shu Kobayashi

  28. 28Management of recurrent compound urolithiasis and cystitis in a Miniature Schnauzer
    Sasidaran Krisnasamy

  29. 29Chondroprotective efficacy of undenatured collagen type II (SC-II) on canine osteoarthritis secondary to medial patellar luxation
    Susolos Kunsuwanachai

  30. 30The utility of auscultation to detect heart disease in apparently healthy cats in general practice
    Tung-Ju Lee

  31. 31Computed tomographic variables for predicting malignancy in canine focal liver lesions
    Rommaneeya Leela-arporn

  32. 32Demography, health status and public attitude of owned dog in Bharatpur, Nepal
    Prem Lal Mahato

  33. 33歯科処置が動物の命を救う-重度貧血に対して歯科処置により改善した犬の1例-
    Dental treatment saved animal life-A case of severe anemia improved with dental treatment in a dog-

    Takahiro Miura

  34. 34プロポフォール製剤に関する薬剤学的および薬剤疫学的検索
    Pharmaceutical and pharmacoepidemiological consideration of anesthetic agents utilizing propofol as an active ingredient

    Takuma Miyata

  35. 35天然植物由来化合物カンナビジオール含有ヘンプオイルによる,犬および猫における健康増進効果
    The efficacy of Cannabidiol, a hemp-derived non-psychotropic cannabinoid, in dogs and cats: an open-label clinical trial

    Chie Mogi

  36. 36Felis catus papillomavirus type 2 virus-like particle vaccine is safe and immunogenic but does not decrease FcaPV-2 viral load in cats
    Neroli A. Thomson

  37. 37Study on a new dog restraint technique during medical treatment for beginner veterinary nurses
    Nobuyoshi Murao

  38. 38Computed tomography study of implantation corridors for canine vertebral screw and rod fixation system in dogs
    Murshidah Mohd Asri

  39. 39マダニ体表へのフルメトリンのプアオン製剤の直接塗布-新たなマダニ駆除法の提案-
    Direct application of a pour-on formulation of flumethrin to ticks on dogs: A new proposition for tick control

    Yukari Nakamura

  40. 40保護猫団体と動物病院が連携した新しい保護猫譲渡活動の形
    A novel approach for the rescued cat-adoption activity organized by the cooperation of a cat welfare group and an animal hospital

    Akane Narita

  41. 41猫のリンパ球増加症に対して歯科処置が奏功した1例
    A case of successful dental treatment for lymphocytosis in cats

    Nozoka Odajima

  42. 42Hormonal and neural system changes before and after animal-assisted interventions in elderly living in a long-term care facility and a hospital
    Mitsuaki Ohta

  43. 43犬の急性膵炎に対するフサプラジブナトリウム水和物の治療効果に対する回顧的研究
    A retrospective study on the efficacy of fuzapladib sodium hydrate for the treatment of canine acute pancreatitis

    Natsuki Okada

  44. 44Pituitary dependent hyperadrenocorticism in dog with radiation therapy: A case report
    Thodsapol Ongvisespaibool

  45. 45犬における高反発素材のマットを用いた体圧分散効果の検討
    Effect of body pressure dispersion using high resilience foam mattress in dog

    Eri Onozawa

  46. 46小動物における予防歯科の現状と課題
    Current status and problems of preventive dentistry in small animals

    Shinya Ohashi

  47. 47多剤併用療法からロムスチンへ変更することで比較的良好な経過を辿った小~中細胞型の大顆粒性リンパ球性リンパ腫(Large granular lymphocyte Lymphoma : LGL Lymphoma)の犬の1例
    A case report of canine LGL lymphoma with relatively long term sable improvement by changing the treatment strategy from multi-agent-chemotherapy to lomstine

    Asumi Otaki

  48. 48A retrospective study of preanesthetic record of 125 dogs and 43 cats
    Siwaporn Pattanasittiseree

  49. 49Cutaneous and disseminated sporotrichosis in two cats
    Siwaporn Pengpis

  50. 50Ultrasonographic and computed tomographic appearance of canine gastrogastric intussusception: A case report
    Suttipong Penpiratkul

  51. 51Reconstructive surgery using a cranial superficial epigastric axial pattern flap and omocervical axial pattern flap post removal of two low grade mast cell tumours
    Kalyarat Phonnongkun

  52. 52Demographic distribution and frequency of feline AB blood types in Bangkok and vicinities, Thailand
    Sukullaya Ritthikulprasert

  53. 53Alternative treatment of stomatitis in ball python (Python regius) with class IV laser therapy: A clinical case
    Teerapat Rungnirundorn

  54. 54肘関節脱臼に対して非観血的整復術を行ったうさぎの1例
    A case of rabbit undergoing noninvasive reduction for elbow joint dislocation

    Teruki Sato

  55. 55First molecular characterisation and phylogenetic analysis of Malaysia Leishmania isolates based on ITS-1 PCR based method
    Nurshahirah Shaharulnizim

  56. 56緑内障に対して外科的な対応をしたうさぎの1例
    A case of rabbit surgically treated for glaucoma

    Kojiro Shibasaki

  57. 57トラフェルミン製剤により歯周組織再生効果を認めた犬の1例
    A case of dog with periodontal tissue regeneration effect by trafermin preparation

    So Shirahata

  58. 58Development of isothermal polymerase spiral reaction for detection of canine monocytic ehrlichiosis
    Nijjareeya Sirisriro

  59. 59Bacterial isolation and identification from urinary tract infections associated with uroliths formation in Balinese dog
    Novendra Imanuel Sitepu

  60. 60人,犬および猫における皮膚pHの基礎研究
    Fundamental study on skin pH of humans, dogs and cats

    Yoshiko Sonoo

  61. 61Increased humoral immune response targeting gut bacteria in dogs with inflammatory bowel disease
    Sirikul Soontararak

  62. 62Radiograph of the use of pig's bone as graft material to femur fracture treatment in dog
    Putu Henrywaesa Sudipa

  63. 63Evaluation of rapid serological test for Ehrlichia canis in Balinese dog
    Putu Henrywaesa Sudipa

  64. 64Trends and prospect of market and approval regulatory management system for veterinary medical devices in Korea
    Tae-Young Suh

  65. 65Ringworm case in Balinese dog
    Putu Henrywaesa Sudipa

  66. 66Growth promotor and mineral mixed inreased immunoglobulin levels and body weight of Bali cattle
    I Nengah Kerta Besung

  67. 67シクロスポリン投与で寛解したFIP発症猫
    Successful remission of feline infectious peritonitis by cyclosporine A

    Motomi Takabayashi

  68. 68Assessment of hepatic fibrosis by a noninvasive method of two-dimensional shear wave elastography in dogs
    Masahiro Tamura

  69. 69Investigation of the incidence of transmissible veneral tumor in female dogs by cytological examination
    Mehmet Ucar

  70. 70Ultrasonographic features of a retained surgical sponge causing an omental abscess: A case study
    Warittha Veerakij

  71. 71Correlation between vaginal smear and vulvar smear for estrous cycle evaluation in dogs
    Shang-Lin Wang

  72. 72Long term follow-up of mitral valve disease in Maltese dogs
    Wen-Yen Wang

  73. 73Significance of Sphingosine kinase 1 expression in feline mammary tumors
    Yi-Chih Chang

  74. 74Antegrade computed tomographic urethrography with virtual urethroscopy in a dog with urethral narrowing after bilateral triple pelvic osteotomy
    Junghee Yoon

  75. 75Investigation of Salmonella contamination in cat food marketed in Japan
    Emi Sakaguchi